Healthy and debt free living nurtures a peaceful inner self


Ever since my son, Yash, was a toddler, I have repeated to him the three most important things in life, “be kind, be kind, be kind”. He turned ten and I continue to reinforce this message. 

Over the years, Chitra (my wife) and I have had many other teachings for him. These range from mundane daily chores to deeper topics around health, religion, race, sex and lately, finance. There are times when he voluntarily listens and follows through and then times (these happen more often) when we have to bring down our parental hammer. We know he will soon enter a phase in life when decision making will be driven without our inputs or influence. Our efforts may also result in a few eye-rolls and many sighs! 

With this blog I hope to document messages, stories and thoughts that both Chitra and I want to share with him. He is a passionate and gifted reader, who someday will want to read these posts.

Till such time, enjoy my blog, comment on it and be kind!

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